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This intensive shampoo is intended to clean scalp and hair, strengthen and stimulate hair growth. It contains a blend of hair growth stimulants such as placental extract, adenosine, caffeine, Capsicum Frutescens extract, phytoestrogens, vitamins and inositol. Contains the Saw Palmetto extract - an ingredient which reliably blocks the activity of dihydrotestosterone (a hormone frequently responsible for hair loss). Exerts a vasodilating effect. Keratin, collagen and panthenol present in the shampoo predetermine its positive influence on the structure of hair, making hair silky and shiny. Provides a great feeling of freshness.

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3.4.2 Crexepil de Luxe Classic Lotion

Crexepil de Luxe Classic Lotion is a cosmetic product for hair stimulation, hair loss and hair thinning treatment. It contains CEGABA, a new stimulating agent for hair growth, balanced concentration of biogenic stimulators on the basis of placental extract, soy peptides, nucleoside inosine, vitamin and mineral complex, purine and pyrimidine bases and the extract of acai berries. The Lotion has a strong vasodilating effect. Creates a lasting feeling of warmth and freshness.

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Fresh Cells de Luxe Wondercell lotion has beneficial influence on hair growth. It consists of two compositions, in the form of a Lotion and a Concentrate, which, at mixing, demonstrate their synergistic effect. The Lotion contains high concentration of placental extract, complex of liposoluble and water soluble vitamins, a vasodilating agent, and a well-known natural antiandrogen, saw palmetto. The Concentrate contains CEGABA, new stimulating agent for hair growth. In combination with palmetto, apple stem cells, antioxidant, vitamin and mineral complex, placental and soy protein, Fresh Cells Lotion achieves pronounced effect of hair growth, even in severe forms of alopecia.

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3.4.3B Fresh Cells de Luxe Concentrate

Fresh Cells de Luxe concentrate has beneficial influence on hair growth. The product shows the most pronounced hair growth stimulating properties. The Concentrate contains CEGABA, new stimulating agent for hair growth. In combination with palmetto, apple stem cells and an antioxidant, Fresh Cells Concentrate achieves pronounced effect of hair growth, even in severe forms of alopecia.

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Science-7 de luxe lotion contains cegaba which exhibits stimulating properties, increasing the mitotic activity of cells without any toxic effect. Biologic extract obtained from bovine placentas stimulates hair strength and increases the oxygen consumption of epithelial cells. Contains vitamins with anti-oxidant, moisturizing and protecting properties. Includes the vitamins from B group that show a regulatory activity on sebaceous glands, also moisturise hair and scalp. Protein Complexed Minerals is a unique dermophilic complex comprised of magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and silicon. Zinc action reduces the sebaceous glands secretion by inhibiting the 5-alpha-reductase, involved in dihydrotestosterone production, and helps to avoid follicle keratinisation. Saw Palmetto Extract contains: carbohydrates, flavonoids, phytosterols, fatty components, tannins, amino acids, essential oils and resins. It has anti-inflammatory and antiandrogenetic properties.

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Science-7 de Luxe essential oils consist of basic oils and essential oils: Jojoba oil brings shine and softness to hair, manifests regenerative and anti- dandruff effects. Grape seed oil with emollient and moisturizing properties. Lavender Essential oil promotes hair growth and increases the rate of wound healing, helps to strengthen and revives hair growth. It regulates sebum production and is helpful for controlling dandruff. Thyme Essential Oil Is very useful in promoting hair growth and retards hair loss. Atlas Cedar Essential Oil helps to stop hair loss, especially related to stress. It is also an excellent aromatherapy essential oil for balancing oily skin and scalp conditions, as well as for dandruff care. Rosemary Essential Oil decreases oily secretions, prevents dandruff and stimulates hair growth. Apply a few drops of the Science -7 de Luxe Essential Oils to the problematic areas of the scalp.

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